December 2016 - Ocala Restoration and Remodeling

Ocala Water Leak Detection and Repair

Ocala 352-622-5277 Gainesville 352-372-1221 Ocala Water Leak Detection and Repair. If you have noticed an unexpected increase in your water bill, you may have a water leak in your home. Furthermore, the leak could be in the plumbing under the concrete slab, adjoining an appliance, the toilet or water heater. In addition, finding the source of the water leak can be difficult. Ocala Water Leak Detection and Repair Ocala Restoration and Remodeling are experts at detecting and repairing water leaks. Therefore, we can locate the leak using non-invasive camera equipment; the latest in acoustic, line tracing, and thermal cameras to detect and locate leaks. So, if repairs require us to open a wall or access an area under the floor, behind a...

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