Ocala Fire Damage Restoration and Smoke Damage Mitigation

Ocala Fire Damage Restoration

Ocala Fire Damage Restoration by Ocala Fire Restoration. If have experienced the devastation caused by a fire in your home, The safety of your loved ones, of course, is your first concern. Next, you’re left with the burden of picking up the pieces and restoring your home to its pre-damage condition. After a fire, your home will be severely damaged and the interior will most likely be uninhabitable. Ocala Restoration and Remodeling can not only provide complete fire and smoke damage restoration services; in addition, we can also provide structural demolition and remodeling when needed.

Ocala Fire Damage Restoration

Ocala Fire Damage Restoration

The destruction caused by fire and smoke not only damages property but also creates stress for the homeowner as well. In addition, a home fire sends acidic smoke throughout the rest of the home through the ventilation system creating a health risk. Furthermore, because of the amount of water that was used to extinguish the fire, there is also the risk of mold contamination after the fire cleanup.

Fire Types Can Include:

  • Protein Fire – Cooker, grease, burned food.
  • Wood and Paper Fire – Fireplace malfunction, trash can fires, and general house fires.
  • Synthetic Fire – Carpeting, upholstery, electrical, and plastics.
  • Blend Fire – Any mix of one or more of the preceding.

Our Ocala Fire restoration professionals have extensive knowledge as well as expertise in; fire damage restoration, smoke removal, odor eradication, ash and soot elimination, stain removal, and toxin removal. Also, Ocala Restoration will also work directly with your insurance company, so you can avoid the stress and paperwork.

Call Ocala Restoration and Remodeling anytime during the day or night, we are on call 24 hours a day to better serve your Water Restoration emergencies! You can also send us an email with your questions or concerns. So, for all of your Ocala Water Restoration needs, call Ocala Restoration and Remodeling.

Ocala Fire Damage Restoration

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MRSR – 96 – State Certified Mold Remediator