Ocala Florida Home Inspection Service - Home Buyers Inspections

Ocala Florida Home Inspection Service

Ocala Florida Home Inspection Service by Ocala Restoration and Remodeling. Before you purchase or sell your home it’s important to always get a home inspection. Purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Therefore it’s important to know what the condition of the home is before you purchase it. Because having confidence that you’ve chosen the best home for you and your family provides peace of mind. No matter if it’s an older home or a new home, we understand just how important your investment is. So we are committed to providing you with straightforward, no-nonsense home evaluations. 

Ocala Florida Home Inspection Service

Ocala Florida Home Inspection Service

Ocala Restoration and Remodeling is an experienced, and knowledgeable home inspection company you can rely on for an accurate home inspection. We have performed hundreds of home inspections so you can place your trust in our home inspection reports.

Our inspections will reflect the age and condition of these areas of the home:

  • Roof – Type, condition, estimated useful life.
  • Plumbing –  Visual inspections under sinks, shutoff valves, water heater, any leaks detected.
  • Electrical – Electric panel box inspection for the brand, exposed wiring, types of breakers.
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) – Visual inspection for secure connections around plenum connected to air handler; age and overall condition of the unit.

A home inspection is a requirement when purchasing a new home. Insurance companies want these inspection performed by Certified State Licensed individuals such as; a licensed Professional Engineer, Electrician, Building Contractor or Roofing Contractor.

Contact Ocala Restoration and Remodeling to schedule an appointment for your Ocala Florida Home Inspection. You can send us an email with any questions or concerns you have.

Ocala Florida Home Inspection Service

CRC 1327956 – State Certified Building Contractor

CCC 1326022 – State Certified Roofing Contractor

MRSR – 96 – State Certified Mold Remediator