Ocala Mold Remediation

Ocala Mold Remediation – Mold Removal and Mold Remediation Services Ocala Florida. Mold Inspection, Mold Testing, Mold Cleaning. Ocala Restoration and Remodeling is a full-service Mold Remediation and Mold Removal specialist. We are also a State Certified Mold Remediator with over a decade of mold testing, mold removal, and mold remediation experience. Mold growth in your home can also be a serious problem and can also be a major health issue as well.

Ocala Mold Remediation

Ocala Mold Remediation

But the fact is, mold growth is often a result of another problem, that has yet to be discovered. This underlying problem is moisture. Broken or leaking water pipes and faulty appliances can cause moisture to build up creating a breeding ground for mold. As this moisture builds it also allows mold spores to multiply and spread to other areas of your home as well. Step one in the mold remediation process is to locate and address the moisture problem. Broken water pipes should be replaced and faulty appliances should also be repaired or replaced. If the moisture problem is not dealt with first, the mold will only return at a later date.


  • Air Quality testing
  • Mold examination 
  • Mold Decontamination 
  • Spore Removal
  • Mold Damage Repair
  • Air & Surface testing

The Mold Remediation specialists at Ocala Restoration and Remodeling will locate the source of the moisture first; then recommend the proper steps to address the moisture source before the remediation process begins. You can reach us in Ocala or Gainesville by calling one of the numbers below. In addition, you can also send us an email with your questions or concerns. So, for all of your Ocala Mold Remediation needs, call Ocala Restoration and Remodeling today.

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Ocala Mold Remediation

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