Ocala Storm Damage Service

Ocala Storm Damage Service by Ocala Restoration and Remodeling. The 2017 Hurricane Season has been one of Florida’s most active seasons so far; with still more on the way, it would seem! With Hurricane Irma in the history books, Hurricane Maria now may be threatening our State soon. Many people waited until the last minute to board up windows and gather needed supplies such as; water, food, batteries, and other storm supplies. 

Ocala Storm Damage Service

Ocala Storm Damage Service

Please keep an eye on this dangerous Category 5 Hurricane as it barrels its way toward our State. If it appears that Hurricane Maria will make landfall in Florida, don’t wait until the last minute to make preparations! Plan ahead by stocking up on storm supplies before supplies are low and more expensive. Also plan ahead when it comes to your home and property. Contact Ocala Restoration and Remodeling for all your Ocala Hurricane preparations. 

Our Cleanup & Recovery Services Include:

  • Storm Damage Cleanup.
  • Emergency Board up.
  • Water & Flood Damage Restoration.
  • Storm Damage Repairs.
  • Storm Tree Damage Removal.
  • Hail Damage Repair.
  • Mold Remediation.
  • Asbestos Abatement.
  • Fire Damage Restoration.
  • Repairs and Reconstruction.
  • Emergency Roof Tarping.
  • 24-Hour Emergency Response.

Ocala Storm Damage Service

We will make your home hurricane ready by boarding up the windows and doors of your home. If you do suffer storm damage, we will be there for you after the storm as well. We can provide emergency roof tarping and roof repairs caused by fallen trees and branches. Then we will be able to make any needed roof repairs to get your home back to pre-storm condition. 

If your home becomes flooded from stormwater, we provide emergency water restoration services 24 hours a day. We can repair any damage you may have from the storm and we work with most insurance companies. 

Have you experienced storm damage due to heavy wind or rain? If so, it is extremely important that you begin storm damage cleanup and repair as soon as possible. Because you will want to minimize any additional storm damage that could happen from putting off storm damage repairs. Therefore, Ocala Restoration and Remodeling is standing by ready to provide the storm damage cleanup and restoration services that you need. Because Ocala Restoration and Remodeling is a full-service restoration and construction company. Therefore, call us at the first sign of storm damage or send us an email. We can also begin the process of storm damage restoration and repairs right away!

Ocala Storm Damage Service

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CRC 1327956 – State Certified Building Contractor

CCC 1326022 – State Certified Roofing Contractor

MRSR – 96 – State Certified Mold Remediator