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Efficient Bathroom Remodeling

Efficient Bathroom Remodeling - Today’s guest blog is by Torreys Peak Mechanical Commercial HVAC. The holidays are approaching quickly. If you are entertaining family and guests this holiday season, you may want to consider the space you have for guests. One room many people do not consider when thinking of remodeling is the bathroom.  But, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home that should be considered when remodeling; because the bathroom will get a lot more use with your added guests. We can help get your home ready for the holidays and additional guests. Efficient Bathroom Remodeling Professional Bathroom Remodeling: You should always use a professional contractor when remodeling your home; because of the many different areas of...

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Ocala Bathroom Additions

Ocala Bathroom Additions by Ocala Restoration and Remodeling. Bathrooms additions have always been one of the most common construction projects; since most older homes were built with only one bathroom. But today it would be unheard of to find a new home with any less than two bathrooms; with many homes having three or more bathrooms. In new construction, the rule of thumb is at least one bathroom for the master bedroom, and then one bath for every two additional bedrooms. In addition, there should be a half-bath (sink and toilet) near the entertainment area of the home as well. Ocala Bathroom Additions Are your bathroom facilities adequate for your household? Furthermore, you may have enough bathrooms, but the bathrooms you...

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Home Remodeling Ocala Florida

Ocala 352-622-5277 Gainesville 352-372-1221 Home Remodeling Ocala Florida. Have you wanted to remodel your home but are worried about your budget? Perhaps you want to remodel your kitchen, a bathroom or even add a room to your home. If so, talk to the home design experts at Ocala Restoration and Remodeling. They can help you design the home of your dreams while remaining within your budget. Ocala Restoration and Remodeling can renovate your home without breaking the bank. Our expert design consultants will give you a quote that best fits your budget. Home Remodeling Ocala Florida We can also make those remodeling changes you have been dreaming about to better suit your style; while also improving the value of your home. It...

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